Month: February 2021


A Week of programming.

Kwodapp, approach the training from a lot of scientific angles. Some of them will suits to you, some won’t. But every day is different, sometimes it rains, sometimes the sky is sunny. The best way to see life, is without fighting against odds. Let the natural things flow, and be a part of the Show of Nature. Just Train.

The Concept of the Four Type of contractions: I do a chalkboard on a sheet, with 4 columns, One for Isometric Contraction, one for plyometric, for Concentric and One for Excentric Contractions. Each week, I have to check at least THESE cases One Time.

The Concept of Energetic Pathways. Three main type co-exist in nature. – Phosphagen, very rapid, explosive reps, heavy , Or reps done 1 by 1. We have it, my friend. Glycolytic pathway, stamina- resistance, lactic production… we often fight in this arena. In the end, you have aerobic, the Kwod and the Bwod have some.

The Concept of Variety and Adaptation. You can use the same movement, but change a lot of parameters: the angle, the body position, the starting point of the bar. The Intensity factors: more weight, less rest, more volume. Pause within a set , tempo, cadence.

The Concept of Training Methods : This week , kwodapp users have different Training approach. AGT ( anti- glycolytic Training) , Javorek complex, Tacfit adapted to JOB , Cardio conditioning, Unilateral work, Resistance Training, Tension Training, Ladder death by, Benchmarks, Regressive Range of Motion. We work on unbalanced movements, Amraps, Tempo Gymnastic, Clusters , Fractinated, EMOMS. That’s why , You can’t get bored with Kwodapp Philosophy of Working Out.