Why should you do Girevoy sport ?

The Girevoy Sport, is an unknown activity. Moreover , his practice is austere, and difficult. Everywhere in the world, this is the Russians who dominate this sport … And unfortunately, it’s sometimes complicated to share informations on different cultures with distant countries. In addition to : our speaking language is different, what is amplify our cultural separation. However this National Sport Tresure, is an athletic jewel , and is scarcity could be his interest.

a little vision of Kettlebell sport


Our sport train the 3 energetics pathways from a different perspective. An athlete abble to move hundreds times, 70% of his bodyweight for 10 minutes without stopping , can considerably increase his Power endurance. He is gaining speed, and in efficiency with motor units contractions . Secondly his regularity is beneficial for developping the skeletal muscles and his coordination.


The Girevik enter in Alpha Zone because the frontal precortex is highly solicited by the kettlebell activity. That’s why the mind goes into a transe, almost meditation state. Unfortunately, several pitfalls will attempt to destabilize you: doubt, inconfort, pain, tiredness and impatience . In consequence The Girevik, dominate his Mental with Détermination.


The Kettlebell sport is no frills. In addition the matérial used is limited. That is why two competition style kettlebells , is enough. Firstly, you don’t need a lot of place. Secondly, the training is possible wherever . And more, the investment is sustainable, and ecologic. One kettlebell for life. And the icing on the Paskha, I can customize my weight so that it blends into the decor.

The GS is therefore an HEALTHY SPORT, idéal, practical, it turns out inexpensive and efficient. This activity is, without any discrimination: athlétic, social or ethnic. To consomme without modération !!

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