Month: December 2020


The 10 most inspirational influence …

1 ) Dan Millman, the Peaceful Warrior, my first inspirational book. A true revelation.
3) Myamoto Musashi, the Greatest warrior
5) The reality warrior, of Seal Fit: Mark Divine.
7) Black To Basics, Street Warrior : Eric Thomas.
9 )Modern Time warrior, the future of mind and spirit: Vishen Lakhiani
2) Arnold Schwarzenegger: success symbol, charisma and will power. Iron warrior.
4) The Chaman warrior, simple and natural. Carlos Castaneda.
6) CrossFit Mind Warrior: Ben Bergeron. Chasing Excellence.
8) Spiritual Warrior, Les Brown.
The 10 Most....
10) Steve Abd El Karim: Booster of Intelligence.