Month: January 2021


JOB, from 46 to 50

Olympic Lifting: What an extraordinary sport. Obviously we snatch, sometimes at least 2 times We cleans. Every day you have a core impact, a kind of Squats or lunges. And of course, we smile, what is life, without it ?

The JOB is a pleasure to program, power, strength and volume. The Barbell is the Queen of all the physical qualities. Barbell Complex, barbell cycling, Heavy, light… what I love, is the research, this week…

EDT: Escalading Density Training, Shotgun Method, Ondulation Cluster, EMOM weightlifting. Hell Squat method. Mtor method.

It sounds Crazy…

And, my friend, some exercises of my week: Cronus squat, zercher lunges, waiter plate lunges, supinated rows, Snatch complex, OHS, Front squat, Arms wrestler curl, Landmine movements.

Together, we have a lot to share, Hope you will like my atypical approach of training. The Zen style The Bar and You, the moment is the key, do I give all I have ? Am I Here and Now ? Strong and Efficient.

Week of Kwod, 46 to 50

The objective of a program, when it’s not personalized, is to cover all a human needs. So the question to answer Is : what do you need as a Man or woman ? Despite of the unique aspect of each individual, what can I do for your health and performance ? Strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility, or mental and physical resistance… Our Job, in terms of our compétences and convictions is to develop skills with appropriate movements.

First, each Kwod, as his : warm up: this week, we worked the posterior chain (goldorak, Good mornings, Y prone ) core (windmill, plank touch) mobility (armbar). Different axes, in rotation, in torsion, with unbalance. With these exercise selection, my goal is to force the body to adapt at any situations functionals and varied.

Second : the assistance work, and the specific bodybuilding . We often use Unilateral movement, to adjust the symetrical differences. Sometimes we vary the Time Under Tension ( TUT) , some workouts this week has required concentration or particular attention. We worked on antagonists muscles, and compensatory movements. Third, a muscle have 4 kind of contraction possibility, and this is a solid part of my training methodology. From the 46 to the 50, you have wods with power (speed and heavy ), and hypertrophy ( mass muscles) too.

And now let’s talk about GS fitness of this week. We have done a lot of basics, compounds movements. Why, is this So important ? The jerk, the Snatch, the Long Cycle participate in the 2 third of the athletic wishes of a Coach. Every athlete need The coordination, résistance, power, and core activation. The essence of Kettlebell Sport, will stimulate your CNS, concentration, willpower, and the pros list is So long… Between the number 46 and 50, we have made 500 snatches, more than a Hundred cleans and pushes, and 300 simple pushes.

In conclusion the GPP of this week, goes from : Amrap of 8 minutes, to explosives complexes with Timecap , from Exclusively leg Wod , to EMOM of 10 minutes with Russian swings and push ups, and some isometric position for muscular résistance .

KWOD … 50 ways to train with Kettlebell or just dumbells.